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I’m Officially Old and Crusty

What is wrong with young people today? I must be getting old because now I just think people under 30 are just too loud. It could be that the youth I’m encountering are at Star$$. Either way, for some reason today I find them exceedingly annoying.

One conversation I overheard was a college aged “girl” who went to a professor to complain about the grade she received on a test. On the previous test she had scored a 95 but on this most recent test she scored a 67.

Her argument to the professor was that she did everything the same in terms of studying and preparation, so she didn’t think the lower grade was her fault. She then complained that he’d told them exactly what to study for the first test, and that he had done the same for the second test, but then none of those items were actually on the test.

Call me crazy, but I find that argument to be very weak, actually I find it completely absurd.

The friend she was telling the story asked her if she had ever been to see the professor in his office. She replied that she had, but that the professor has a policy of only discussing the exams during class so that all students have access to whatever he might say regarding the tests. She and her friend didn’t like this policy at all. Her friend went so far as stating that by taking the initiative to come see the professor during off hours she should be somehow rewarded for that with inside information.

I find these young peoples opinions rather troubling. To me, it smacks of so many negatives…egoism, narcissism, entitlement, academic elitism, you name it.

Finally some pictures! On the left a F.O. Dashing Mitts in Twizzle. On the right, mitts in progress for Good Girl Purl.

Mountain Colors Twizzle
GGP Mitts
Schaeffer Anne, US0(addis)

My Saturday was spent at one of the many Democratic Senatorial Conventions here in Dallas. I won’t get into any politics, but suffice it to say I was waiting a long time! I cast-on and knit this much on a mitt while I was there!

Convention Mitts
Koigu PPPM, US1(addis)

Want to know one of the most shocking moments of the day? At one point someone asked me if I had any extra string so they could use it to tie their nametag around their neck. AS IF! Only a non-knitter would ask that. No I didn’t even consider it. I just looked at them while protectively pulling my working yarn towards me.

A Gusset Tale

So I actually have been doing more knitting lately. For a while I got into a rut of only knitting at Thursday knit nite or at Simpatico. I was almost NEVER knitting at home even though I might have just been staring at the walls instead.

I don’t have any Pics at the moment, but I did finish a pair of Dashing Mitts which need to be photographed and gifted. And I’m about 75% done with a the first tipless glove of a pair.

This glove provided SEVERAL challenges thus far, and until I get the first fitting out of the way, I won’t be sure if my approach was successful. I’m making up the pattern as I go, but the particulars are:

  1. Pattern: Progressive gloves primer from Interweave 2003 plus Gussets article from same issue
  2. Yarn: Schaeffer Anne
  3. Needles: US0 (2mm)
  4. Gauge: 10sts/in
  5. Other: Ribbed cuff with Asymmetric gusset (shaping on palm-side only)

I was stuck for a few days since I could not settle on which gusset I wanted to use. In the end I went with the Asymmetric gusset, which is only shaped on the palm side. The name was taken from the Interweave article, so I don’t really know if it is commonly referred to by any other name. However the “instructions” (and I use that term loosely) did not make any allowance for differing gauges, and offered no formulas to calculate for your own purposes.

In the end I just decided to jump in and try it. This was primarily because all the inquiries I made around the internet to people I thought might be able to help went unanswered for the most part.

I will probably find out tonight when GGP tries the first one on .

Oh Mighty Isis


Even though I seldom watch real-time television (yes I’m still too cheap for cable); I do in fact like watching TV, and have a thing for old shows on DVD. I’ve built a small library of old series, including Rawhide, Big Valley, Bonanza, The Jeffersons, Sanford and Son, Good Times, What’s Happening, and MacGuyver.

Recently another choice title– Secrets of Isis - The Complete Series– made it’s way into my collection. This show is really bad. I now question the quality of my memory, because when I saw the DVD set my immediate thought was…”I used to LOVE this show”.

Ok it’s not exactly bad, it’s just cheesy. I kept thinking man kids in the 70s must have been really dense to be fooled and amused by this stuff!

In the vein of Superman, Isis is a mild-mannered science teacher most of the time, but transforms into Isis when trouble is a-brewing. A descendant of Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut, Isis can command animals, the wind, blah blah blah…

The really wacky thing about this show is that Isis often breaks the fourth wall by winking at the camera to show the audience how dumb her co-stars are. I’ve only seen the first episode but I’m curious to see how the season progresses. Each time Isis invokes a superpower, she says a rhyme/chant, and I wonder how many combinations the writers can come up with.

All in all, I think this was a good purchase and should keep me entertained for a few weeks.

A F.O.


Originally uploaded by Bot-Gurl.

Yeah I know I finished these socks about a month ago, but i have yet to send them out.

I can’t decide whether to save them for Mom’s birthday or send them out just because. I’m leaning towards saving them for her birthday, because I’m REALLY bad at picking presents and this will really get me off the hook in that regard. Is that pathetic?

I have a gift!

At least that is what my friend Michou said in the email she sent about the fingerless mitts I sent her. She said she wears them every day :-) That really gave me a warm fuzzy.

I don’t have any pics this week, but I did finish one sock and have started the toe of it’s mate. I’m still working on swatches of Kureyon Sock, and Shaeffer Anne. The Noro swatch is ready for washing, and I think I’ll try 2.25 mm needles on the Anne.

I placed a Knit Picks order yesterday…squee! I can’t wait to get the Cat Bordhi book. There are also a few items in there for a few of my knit girls.

One highpoint of the weekend was a trip to the Farmers Market before SnB on Sunday. There was a little stand selling roasted sweet corn and it was so good that I bought some corn to cook at home. I found this recipe with the most simple method of cooking corn in the husk ever! If you are feeling really adventurous, you can try the Mexican-style corn after you pull the ears out of the oven. MMMM….good I have snarfed down 3 ears of corn today!

I’m looking forward to the coming week as I have a goal of knitting everyday at lunch time. Wish me luck.