Update: Simpatico Yarns is now Closed

My favorite yarn shop is Simpatico Yarns in Bedford, TX. The owner is really one of the nicest people you will ever meet. When I first started knitting, I had a ball of Red Heart yarn and I really didn’t like the way my beginner stitches looked. So I went to the internet and found a wealth of sites with knitting instructions. One site recommended new knitters use 100% wool, because your practice swatches would look better than practice swatches made with 100% acrylic.

So I searched for shops in my area, and I went to 4 stores before I visited Simpatico. When I walked in there were male and female knitters all working around the table. Greetings were called out from the table welcoming me (surprise #1). The owner came up and introduced herself as Mary Jane, and offered her help. I looked around for a bit, but then I let her know I was looking for yarn to start my first project. I was drawn to a model scarf hanging in the shop made from Noro Silk Garden. I decided on that project, and she gave me the pattern free of charge, as the design was donated by one of the shop regulars. After I’d made my purchases, I was all set to leave and Mary Jane stopped me. She said I was welcome to stay and start on my project right then, and there were lots of people at the table that would be willing to help. I said ok and she offered me a cup of coffee. Everyone at the table was so nice offering me tips, instruction, and advice.

That was over 2 years ago. I have learned so much from the people there that I have information to share! It is truly my favorite shop.

Silk Garden Scarf