My Friend Lubov

What is it about acts of kindness that makes people feel good about themselves? I admit it, I like it when people are happy I did something nice for them. I even like it when they don’t know it was me. Sometimes it feels weird being on the recieving end of a good deed, so anonimity is nice.

I remember a good deed being bestowed upon me while eating breakfast at my favorite home cooking diner one weekend. The waitress came and retreived my ticket from the table, I assumed she had made a mistake, but she never brought the ticket back. When I finally inquired about my bill, I was informed that it had already been taken care of, along with the tip, and I could have any kind of dessert I wanted. This joint has HEAVENLY peach cobbler.

I thought wow…I must totally look like a bum and someone thought I needed some help with my bill. Of course, maybe someone was just doing a nice thing. This inspired me to attempt something similar. The next day at the Whataburger drive-thru I decided to pay for the order of the car behind me. This went awry as the girl at the window gave me their burger too! I didn’t realize this until I came home of course!

Anyway this brings me to the lovely and funny thank you card I received from my friend Lubov (better-known-as Lee). She’s a fun, sassy lady with a kind and welcoming heart. She’s the kind of person you just want to hug whenever you see her because she’s just “good people”.

I am always amazed by her energy. She just had spinal surgery a week ago and is recovering beautifully. The procedure she had is called ballon khyoplasty. In short, holes are drilled into collapsed vertebrae. A balloon is inserted which brings the vertebra back to it’s normal height. The space created by the balloon is then filled with what amounts to quick drying cement!

Anyway, Lee gave me a funny card as a “thank you” for these socks I gifted to her. She had no idea they were for her, but she saw them and even tried one on while I was knitting them. I LOVE those kinds of surprises. It was so much fun because I knew ahead of time how much she would like them.

Bearoot Socks

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  1. 1 Jen da Purse-Ho

    such lovely lovely socks. ;) It’s fun to do things for Lee b/c she reacts w/ such happiness and joy. it makes you feel so warm and fuzzy inside. :D

    btw…i had peach cobbler at that funeral party i was at last night… it was delish. but i had to pick out the peach like i do apple in apple pie. lol

  2. 2 aubyn

    i am the same as you-or i try to be-when i was waiting tables i and i was having a bad night i would try and buy someone dessert or get them something extra-i am so glad you had fun watching her like them before she knew they were hers

  3. 3 P-)

    Uuh…Jen is weird…Yeah you!!! Way to snatch that burger from those people!!! Umm…I mean way to go for trying to do a good deed!! Hahahhahahaha!!! I feel fortunate just to be able to call you a friend - hugs to you!!

  4. 4 Nanc

    Aww - you’re ‘good people’ too! That rocks about the gifted socks for Lee and her reaction. That is always a great feeling. And your botched attempt at doing someone a favor? Hilarious!

  5. 5 Kathy B.

    Hey– you paid it forward! (Or tried to, anyway.) ;) That was a really nice thing to do. And I’m w/ NanC– that must have been so cool when your friend realized the socks she had admired were intended for her!

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