All stitched up…

A few weeks ago the nicest Pirate ever, gifted me with some lovely robot fabric.

Robot Fabric

I knew immediately that I wanted to use the fabric for a sock bag based on this Japanese Knot Bag tutorial. Last Wednesday, I decided to make a test bag so as not to waste any of my precious robot fabric.

The actual cutting and sewing part went well. By bedtime Thursday night, I had a mostly completed bag, with two seams which needed to be sewn by hand. Those remaining seams and craft area cleanup would have to wait until Thursday morning before I left for work.

By 730 am Thursday morning, all was going according to plan. There were quite a few thread ends and pins strewn around the sewing machine, so I decided to put everything back in it’s place. What happened next pains me still…

Muses to Self: Oh that darn rotary cutting blade should not just be sitting there on the desk, let me put that in the sewing box. *takes steps forward* Oops! *steps on rotary blade* Oh but there is no blood on the blade, but damn that hurt, maybe I didn’t really cut myself. *looks at bottom of foot and sees trickle of blood* hmmm…I guess I did cut myself *separates edges of wound* OMG OMG OMG I’ve never seen that much of my insides before! *grabs cell phone and calls for rescue*

Thank goodness the Purse Ho was around. She drove me to the emergency room. After enduring the pain of a tetanus shot, local anesthetic, and the last 2 of 13 total stitches, I was back home resting and trying to convince myself that it didn’t really hurt.

I really can’t thank Purse-ho enough, she is truly a great friend.

So after all that, here are some pictures of the knot bag, with the final seams still unfinished :-)

Knot Bag Knot Bag Knot Bag Knot Bag

4 Responses to “All stitched up…”  

  1. 1 Petra

    Those are CUTE! Was it easy enough?

    I am really sorry about your foot though… that is not cool.
    So sorry!

  2. 2 P-la

    Very nice bag! I hope you get 13 stitches worth out of it!!! Glad you like your fabric but I’m sorry it has lead to so much discomfort.

  3. 3 Jen Da Purse Ho

    oooh that is a cute bag!!! i want to make one!! :)

    you and your silliness. :) i still can’t believe you cut your foot on that thing. hahaha. but i am glad i was nearby to take you hahahaha. tainted blade…throw it away! no wait….put it in a box then throw it away! hahah

  4. 4 nanc

    Aww, poor botgurl.

    The test bag looks fantastic, so despite your injury I would call it a success. Is it a good size for a sock project? And now that it’s done, are you going to make one from your robot fabric or are you keeping clear of those craft and sewing notions? (Ooh, and what fabric will you use for your lining/reversible side?)

    Take care of that foot and be a good gurl.

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