No more Nutkin

Sometimes you just have to frog a project no matter how much other people like it. Such is the case with the Nutkin sock. I found the pattern on the Knitzi site and it looked so nice in the Wollmeise Spice Market colorway I fell in love. I acquired the STR Firebird at PLA’s yarn shop finally decided to use it for my very own Nutkin socks.

Nutkin Sock
Formerly known as Nutkin

It’s not the yarn, the yarn is great and I love the colors. I guess Nutkin just isn’t the right pattern. I have already ripped the sock, it’s gone.

I plan to use the Firebird for something else just not sure what! My current obsession is the Francie sock. I think it would be interesting, but maybe a plain old ribbed sock would be best for this yarn. Of course your comments and suggestions will be considered as usual.

5 Responses to “No more Nutkin”  

  1. 1 Petra

    Huh… I think it’s pretty! But, would look better in something a little less vibrant I guess. I do love the Firebird!!! I don’t have any suggestons as to what to do with it. Maybe something lacey? ;) The Nutkin is a pretty sock!

  2. 2 P-la

    I like the Francie pattern but I think it lends itself to a solid or mostly solid color. Firebird I think would be better as a regular ribbed sock.

  3. 3 Jen da purse ho

    I love the nutzi sock!!!!!!!! Awww….maybe it just wasn’t the right pairing.

  4. 4 nanc

    I agree with you assessment. The yarn, while beautiful, hides the cable details in the bright swirls of color. They should separate and agree to remain friends.

    Maybe a nice slip stitch pattern for this Firebird yarn? Or maybe let it shine in a simple stockinette (with picot edge)?!

  5. 5 Jen da purse Ho

    me loves a picot edge. :) Did you already buy Francie? :D hahahaha.

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