I’m Officially Old and Crusty

What is wrong with young people today? I must be getting old because now I just think people under 30 are just too loud. It could be that the youth I’m encountering are at Star$$. Either way, for some reason today I find them exceedingly annoying.

One conversation I overheard was a college aged “girl” who went to a professor to complain about the grade she received on a test. On the previous test she had scored a 95 but on this most recent test she scored a 67.

Her argument to the professor was that she did everything the same in terms of studying and preparation, so she didn’t think the lower grade was her fault. She then complained that he’d told them exactly what to study for the first test, and that he had done the same for the second test, but then none of those items were actually on the test.

Call me crazy, but I find that argument to be very weak, actually I find it completely absurd.

The friend she was telling the story asked her if she had ever been to see the professor in his office. She replied that she had, but that the professor has a policy of only discussing the exams during class so that all students have access to whatever he might say regarding the tests. She and her friend didn’t like this policy at all. Her friend went so far as stating that by taking the initiative to come see the professor during off hours she should be somehow rewarded for that with inside information.

I find these young peoples opinions rather troubling. To me, it smacks of so many negatives…egoism, narcissism, entitlement, academic elitism, you name it.

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  1. 1 Jen da purse Ho

    So he told them what would be on the test, but then he didn’t put it on the test? So this is a good argument? hahaha. bunch of fools. what happened to the days of “just study ALL of it and be prepared.” So she’s all pissy b/c the professor didn’t hand her the test. she’s ta-ta. HAHAHAHAH

  2. 2 P-la

    Oh yes, I remember dealing with this in the workforce. That somehow they are entitled to something extra “just because”. Like a paycheck, or in this case an education, is not enough. They expect more, without giving more.

  3. 3 Petra

    You are old and crusty… join the club! HAHAHAHAHA!

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