Waiting for Democracy

Finally some pictures! On the left a F.O. Dashing Mitts in Twizzle. On the right, mitts in progress for Good Girl Purl.

Mountain Colors Twizzle
GGP Mitts
Schaeffer Anne, US0(addis)

My Saturday was spent at one of the many Democratic Senatorial Conventions here in Dallas. I won’t get into any politics, but suffice it to say I was waiting a long time! I cast-on and knit this much on a mitt while I was there!

Convention Mitts
Koigu PPPM, US1(addis)

Want to know one of the most shocking moments of the day? At one point someone asked me if I had any extra string so they could use it to tie their nametag around their neck. AS IF! Only a non-knitter would ask that. No I didn’t even consider it. I just looked at them while protectively pulling my working yarn towards me.

3 Responses to “Waiting for Democracy”  

  1. 1 Jen Da Purse Ho

    GOOD LORD. you got ALOT done on that mitt!! when you said you got alot done, i didn’t believe you. hahahaahahah.

    and you reacted well to that doofus asking for “string”. hahahahaha

  2. 2 nanc

    Crazy muggle asking for “string!” You just keep givin’ them the stink eye and send ‘em on your way!

    Sadly, I can’t see your pix at work, but will check ‘em out when I get home!

  3. 3 P-la

    Good for you!!! Getting all that done!! That person is lucky that didn’t ask me for some “string”. They may have gotten a needle in the eye.

    So who is the koigu mitt for?? yourself I hope!

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