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Mobile Edition

I updated my blog with a plugin that makes viewing easier from a mobile device. Try it out and let me know how it works. Plugin by Alex King. Thanks to purse-ho for hipping me to it.

Fair Isle Hat

So I actually have done a little bit of knitting while I’ve been here. Below is a swatch I made for the hat I’m currently working on. The larger pattern is just starting to appear in the in-progress work.
Here’s a shot of how the hat is looking now. I am […]


28 September 2007
Saturday is an important shopping day in Vienna since most stores are closed on Sunday. I did some roaming around the city and just in case you were worried, Hello kitty is alive and well!


After roaming around I hit a microbrewery called 7 Stern Brau for a Hanf Bier (Hemp Beer) and some […]

When in Wien

Friday October 27, 2007
Vienna (Wien) is a great city. It’s got that perfect mix of historical and modern that is very appealing. The public transportation system is fantastic, and makes doing-Wien-your-way very easy.
Apparently Friday is almost a non work day for most people. The office is essentially cleared out by 1pm. Which is just as […]

On the road again

Wie Gates!
This post comes to you from lovely Wien (Vienna). I am here on business for a few weeks, but luckily I have had time to do some knitting. The hotel room I have at the moment is quite nice, and they had something very cute in the room when I arrived.

Yes, that’s […]