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Gaiter Goodness

Cabled Gaiter from OneSkein

Why do I have this compulsion to use alliteration when naming my blog posts? I don’t have a problem with alliteration in general, just misspelling words to create fake-alliteration like Knit Klips. Don’t get me started.
Almost off the needles is this wonderful cabled gaiter from […]

Happy Birthday To Me

Pirate bag from the Purling Pirate

Last week was my birthday.

I had a great birthday week! No matter how old you get, receiving a gift on your birthday really makes your day.
I made out like a bandit and got all kinds of kick ass crafty and handmade […]

Broken Cable Rib Socks

Broken Cable Rib Socks

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Well I finally finished a pair of socks. I won’t bore you with all the drama I’ve been through with this sock.
I’m just glad its DONE!

Half Past Autumn

I don’t normally comment on current events, but I learned that Gordon Parks died today. He was known for his work as a photographer for Life magazine for over 20 years. He also directed the movie Shaft.
I had the pleasure of seeing an exhibit of his works entitled Half Past Autumn. Truly a […]

Adventures of Zoe

Well I actually have pictures of something that has been completed. And thanks to Zoe who did a great job of modeling.

Freakish isn’t it? Well I never argue with Zoe…as you can see she always points in the right direction. No matter where she is, she knows the way home. […]