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Almost Knit Magic

Remember that fun craft toy from the 70s called the “Knit Magic”? They seem to be quite the hot ticket on eBay these days. I began to develop an obsession for Knit Magic after seeing this scarf and this one. Voog is all that! Check out her items for sale.
Although my […]

We have dyed…deux

Ok so I decided there is NO reason for me to blog this since Purse_ho has done it SO well and pics of my contribution were taken by her ANYWAY.
Dyeing Chronicles Part I
Dyeing Chronicles Part II

Mystery yarn

I didn’t go straight home from work today. I stopped at Simpatico and happened to have something in my Pocky Bag that I got from the Divine Miss L. on Thursday. But you will have to be patient. Until all can be revealed…a little teaser…


Shhh…don’t tell anybody but I’m blogging from that place that should never be blogged from Think about it it’s a 4-letter work.
As you may know, Bot-gurl has been a bit obsessed with short-rows as of late. Mainly becasue the short-rowed stitches of the Citrus sock have a different […]

Pocky Love

My friend Jen (aka Purse Ho) is responsible for this post. I think I may have to donate a kidney to her if she ever needs one. She is SO in the “inner circle” it’s not even funny. Anyway she got me this lovely surprise!

The chocolate bag is […]