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Another Knitting ‘Zine

One thing that’s great about being a knitter today, is the all the free knitting information available on the web. I think Knitty has been the trailblazer, and now there is MagKnits. A few days ago Jen hipped me to yet another free knitting ‘zine.
This one is based in Toronto and is called […]

Funky Toes

One down, and I’ve already cast on for the second sock! This is part of my effort to cure myself from the dreaded second sock procrastination cycle. I have 3 pairs of socks in progress including this one. One is the Broadripple sock from knitty, and the other is a toe-up sock […]

Choco Tea?

Chococat Chococat Chococat

Beastie Bag

Beastie bag

Rub a’ Dub Dub

In between major projects, washcloths are always fun.