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Dear Knitgirlz

My earliest memories of my procrastination tendencies go back to when I was in the 5th grade. My Mom would ask me if I finished my homework and I would say I’d finish before I went to bed. Then I would sit in a recliner in the den, my homework on the TV […]

Steady progress

I haven’t been knitting the past week because things are quite busy at work. Last Thursday I only got 3 hours of sleep because I was up against a deadline.
Obviously, I have a problem with procrastination. Have had the problem my entire life. I sometimes can’t get started on a task or […]

I’m Officially Old and Crusty

What is wrong with young people today? I must be getting old because now I just think people under 30 are just too loud. It could be that the youth I’m encountering are at Star$$. Either way, for some reason today I find them exceedingly annoying.
One conversation I overheard was a college […]

Oh Mighty Isis

Even though I seldom watch real-time television (yes I’m still too cheap for cable); I do in fact like watching TV, and have a thing for old shows on DVD. I’ve built a small library of old series, including Rawhide, Big Valley, Bonanza, The Jeffersons, Sanford and Son, Good Times, What’s Happening, and MacGuyver. […]

Mobile Edition

I updated my blog with a plugin that makes viewing easier from a mobile device. Try it out and let me know how it works. Plugin by Alex King. Thanks to purse-ho for hipping me to it.

Road Trippin’

This weekend I’ll be road trippin’ from NJ to MD for the MSWF. I’m very excited because some of the knit girls will be there. I read on Skittermagoo that there will be a knit bloggers meet-up. It’s currently being organized by Gryphon.
Whenever I go on a trip that involves flying, I […]