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Easy Blogging?

Apparently there are a number of tools available for blogging to your blog.  That means you don’t actually have to login to your blog to create a new post.
I guess there are a lot of arguments on either side for using a tool like this.  If you have multiple blogs I can see where this […]

Middle of NOWHERE

I feel like I’m in the middle of nowhere. This post comes to you from Plant City, Florida.
As much as I complain about traveling one thing it allows me to do is watch cable since I don’t have cable. Don’t pity me it’s by choice. Anyway I […]

Goodnight Lovers

Touring the Angel

Stuck in a Moment

This is officially my longest post ever! It contains more characters than any other post I’ve written, and it has been “in progress” for over a week now . I’ve been working long hours, actually I’m at work right now and thought I would finish this up before I shutdown my laptop.
On […]