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A few weeks ago the nicest Pirate ever, gifted me with some lovely robot fabric.

I knew immediately that I wanted to use the fabric for a sock bag based on this Japanese Knot Bag tutorial. Last Wednesday, I decided to make a test bag so as not to waste any of my precious robot […]

Finally some pictures! On the left a F.O. Dashing Mitts in Twizzle. On the right, mitts in progress for Good Girl Purl.

Dashing!Mountain Colors Twizzle
GGP MittsSchaeffer Anne, US0(addis)

My Saturday was spent at one of the many Democratic Senatorial Conventions here in Dallas. I won’t get into any politics, but suffice it to […]

A F.O.


Originally uploaded by Bot-Gurl.

Yeah I know I finished these socks about a month ago, but i have yet to send them out.
I can’t decide whether to save them for Mom’s birthday or send them out just because. I’m leaning towards saving them for her […]

A Finished Object!

This fair-isle hat is based on a pattern by Sharlene Schurch of Sensational Socks fame. I had to improvise on the decreases for the top, so it may be a little pointy where I started the decreases. Could also be that it’s an interesting design element . I shall see […]


Woot! I finished something!
I don’t know about you, but I practically start to salivate when I see the last few rows in sight. Some people wait until they weave in the ends before declaring a project complete, but the end of the knitting is cause for celebration as far as I […]