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28 September 2007
Saturday is an important shopping day in Vienna since most stores are closed on Sunday. I did some roaming around the city and just in case you were worried, Hello kitty is alive and well!


After roaming around I hit a microbrewery called 7 Stern Brau for a Hanf Bier (Hemp Beer) and some […]

When in Wien

Friday October 27, 2007
Vienna (Wien) is a great city. It’s got that perfect mix of historical and modern that is very appealing. The public transportation system is fantastic, and makes doing-Wien-your-way very easy.
Apparently Friday is almost a non work day for most people. The office is essentially cleared out by 1pm. Which is just as […]

On the road again

Wie Gates!
This post comes to you from lovely Wien (Vienna). I am here on business for a few weeks, but luckily I have had time to do some knitting. The hotel room I have at the moment is quite nice, and they had something very cute in the room when I arrived.

Yes, that’s […]

Not from around here…

I’m back in NJ again. One of the best things about New Jersey is it’s proximity to NYC. About an hour on the train and less then $20 will get you there and back.
The fun thing about going out of town — even if its’ for business — is that you can always […]

German English

I am definitely having an enlightening experience here in Germany. Besides having some amusing interactions with the local population I have also encountered some amusing signs.
Part of the reason I found this particular sign amusing is that I think bathroom signs in general have lots of comic potential.
Just prior to seeing this […]

Gummi Bears

I’m on the road for work in Germany. And I guess nothing says Germany like Gummi Bears on your pillow.

Even thought it’s the middle of the afternoon in my native time zone, it’s night here and I am dog tired and hope to fall asleep soon and sleep throught the night.