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Signing on…

Yes I’m back. Things are calmed down now that I have moved into my new place Stay tuned for knitting content.

Double Doh!

Today I realized, that I have been knitting the School Spirit sweater on a US8 but I thought I was using a US9!
Oh the horror. Now I’m going to have to check my gauge to make sure this sweater will fit properly.
If you kow me, you know I am currently battling over wether […]


I hate it when I go crazy looking for a pattern to purchase or on the internet, only to realize that I already had a perfectly good pattern in a book on my bookshelf.
I decided to do a hemmed edge on the School Spirit Sweater, but the pattern I’m using doesn’t have instructions for that. […]


I am having a lot of fun with the Warning Label Generator. Do you think my superiors would frown upon me having a little sign up in my cube?

It stops here….

Ok so I guess I have to respond…but it stops with me. Mainly b/c I don’t know any bloggers well enough to tag them and have them respond…that haven’t already been tagged mind you .
My 23rd post, 5th sentence reads:
I went to a Keane concert with the Purse_Ho on Saturday
Go figure the person […]