In Memoriam

In honor of a wonderful woman who is no longer with us.
My Friend Lubov

One Koigu Mitts Pattern

Made some revisions to the Koigu Mitts Pattern. Special thanks to Skittermagoo for testing out the pattern and contributing her lovely pictures.

Right-click and save the pattern. One Koigu Mitts

Also available on Ravelry Ravelry

A few weeks ago the nicest Pirate ever, gifted me with some lovely robot fabric.

Robot Fabric

I knew immediately that I wanted to use the fabric for a sock bag based on this Japanese Knot Bag tutorial. Last Wednesday, I decided to make a test bag so as not to waste any of my precious robot fabric.

The actual cutting and sewing part went well. By bedtime Thursday night, I had a mostly completed bag, with two seams which needed to be sewn by hand. Those remaining seams and craft area cleanup would have to wait until Thursday morning before I left for work.

By 730 am Thursday morning, all was going according to plan. There were quite a few thread ends and pins strewn around the sewing machine, so I decided to put everything back in it’s place. What happened next pains me still…

Muses to Self: Oh that darn rotary cutting blade should not just be sitting there on the desk, let me put that in the sewing box. *takes steps forward* Oops! *steps on rotary blade* Oh but there is no blood on the blade, but damn that hurt, maybe I didn’t really cut myself. *looks at bottom of foot and sees trickle of blood* hmmm…I guess I did cut myself *separates edges of wound* OMG OMG OMG I’ve never seen that much of my insides before! *grabs cell phone and calls for rescue*

Thank goodness the Purse Ho was around. She drove me to the emergency room. After enduring the pain of a tetanus shot, local anesthetic, and the last 2 of 13 total stitches, I was back home resting and trying to convince myself that it didn’t really hurt.

I really can’t thank Purse-ho enough, she is truly a great friend.

So after all that, here are some pictures of the knot bag, with the final seams still unfinished :-)

Knot Bag Knot Bag Knot Bag Knot Bag

No more Nutkin

Sometimes you just have to frog a project no matter how much other people like it. Such is the case with the Nutkin sock. I found the pattern on the Knitzi site and it looked so nice in the Wollmeise Spice Market colorway I fell in love. I acquired the STR Firebird at PLA’s yarn shop finally decided to use it for my very own Nutkin socks.

Nutkin Sock
Formerly known as Nutkin

It’s not the yarn, the yarn is great and I love the colors. I guess Nutkin just isn’t the right pattern. I have already ripped the sock, it’s gone.

I plan to use the Firebird for something else just not sure what! My current obsession is the Francie sock. I think it would be interesting, but maybe a plain old ribbed sock would be best for this yarn. Of course your comments and suggestions will be considered as usual.

Dear Knitgirlz

My earliest memories of my procrastination tendencies go back to when I was in the 5th grade. My Mom would ask me if I finished my homework and I would say I’d finish before I went to bed. Then I would sit in a recliner in the den, my homework on the TV tray in front of me, and watch television most of the night. Needless to say some habits are hard to break.

I decided to do some closet organizing today. While looking in the outside pocket of my suitcase, I found a stack of postcards I had written to each of my Thursday night knit girls. These cards were written last September. Let me just say that I had quite a laugh reading what I wrote.

I think I’ll deliver these on Thursday. Might be fun for everyone to read them, or maybe you would prefer getting it in the mail? Better late than never?

Steady progress

I haven’t been knitting the past week because things are quite busy at work. Last Thursday I only got 3 hours of sleep because I was up against a deadline.

Obviously, I have a problem with procrastination. Have had the problem my entire life. I sometimes can’t get started on a task or project because I can’t see all the steps clearly in front of me. But then I realize I can’t work out everything without doing something.

Which has lead me to make a new knitting resolution. I have at least one project that’s started, but is a rather long term project. Something I won’t knit on exclusively until it’s complete. It’s a Habu Textile bag kit that I received for my birthday from the Purling Ps. The project is in a bag next to my favorite chair in the living room. If I sit in this chair for more than 15 minutes, I have to knit at least 1 row. This has enabled me to really make progress, and I have roughly 15 more rows (provided the measurements are on) before I start knitting the final handle! Woot!

This seems to be working for me. What kind of things help you get through a big knitting project?